19 December 2013

Today, the most exclusive designer club of haute couture is welcoming a new member.

Bouchra Jarrar.

Photo: Business of Fashion

With the names of Jean-Louis Scherrer, Christian Lacroix, Balenciaga, and Jean-Paul Gaultier on her CV, Bouchra Jarrar was definitely one-to-watch when she presented her initial couture collection in 2010 as guest member, and as you might think it's not easy to receive the appelation of haute couture by Commission de Classement Couture Création, she made it after making seven couture collection (this number differs among designers, since it all depends on the consideration of Chambre Syndicale to decide. Some got it with fast track, some had to show years and years to be awarded this prestigious title).

Congratulations, Bouchra Jarrar. One more woman (and French one) in the haute couturière club is what we all need.

Signorfandi, who's next?