19 December 2013

This courtesy of Tex Saverio Spring/Summer collection 2014 was so worth to wait (a long one). And those wandering and wondering thoughts why these incredible (yet scary, in a good way) numbers of his collection not so quickly shared was finally over, when, like two minutes ago, I received them all well.


Titled Exoskeleton, this collection is as far as my concern and humble knowledge, is what Tex Saverio is all about. Dark, stark, giving a tingling sensation, yet at the same time, intriguing. We might never understand the concept, since Tex is always creating something based on fantasy, a wild dream, that not every one can transcript nor depict. Therefore, his creation is only aimed to someone daring, someone with possesion of a determined sense of style and plenty amount of courage. As Tex noted in an interview I did before, Tex Saverio women 'have a strong character, are brave, unafraid of making any statement, modern'.

As its title, each piece of the collection (there are five of it) offers boldness, mysterious crave for protection, acting as a barrier against tramontane individuals around. With a masterful combination of vivid imagination and terrific 3D printing technology, the collection was created precisely fitted to human body. Black velvet cape, a floor length gown made intricately with lace and wacky forms attached to entire body and as headpiece, armour goddess with each mesh link creating a facet effect, create a delicate sensation in the collection.

Couture is his passion. A laboratory of fashion, where designers are pushed to showcase out of the box ideas and making fantasy into reality, this concept of high echelon in fashion is easily understood by Tex. He's the future kid of couture.

Signorfandi, extraordinary ...