31 January 2014

Designer duo Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo shared a little bit about Paris, couture clients, and surprisingly as both are British, coffee.

How did it feel, when you found out that you´re invited by the Chambre Syndicale to show your couture collection in Paris?

We were absolutely elated! It’s such an honour to be recognised by the Syndicale. It aligns us with iconic fashion houses Chanel, Dior and Valentino and ultimately elevates us to the next level; a very prestigious accolade and achievement.

It´s mentioned everywhere, that you are the first British fashion house to be showing couture collection in Paris in a century. This fact must have made you feel special, mustn´t it?

Absolutely. It marks an important moment in the British fashion industry and for the brand as well.

There are many talented British designers out there, but they don´t make couture line under their own names. What´s so appealing about couture that you decided to make it?

There’s something truly magical and captivating about couture. Quality, craftsmanship and design are at the heart of everything we do at Ralph & Russo; it’s something we truly believe in. Haute Couture is an art and is something to not only value but nurture.

From the beautiful fabrics we source from across the world to the meticulous hand-crafting of each creation, everything we do at Ralph & Russo is done to the highest of standards; no detail too small or request too grand. Every client is guaranteed to have a perfectly seamless couture experience.

I usually don´t like questioning "what´s the inspiration of the collection", because it´s our job, the writers, to find out (and to read press release). So, what was the initial idea that you decided to use fashion in 40s and 50s as the inspiration?

A girlfriend of mine gave me a book on Lillian Bassman and I was immediately inspired. The strong silhouettes and dramatic shapes captured in Lillian’s photographs were impossible to ignore and the essence of the collection was born in that moment.

Some people say Paris got fashion, but British got class. Do you agree?

Paris and London are without doubt two of the most exciting cities in the world – both chic, both exuding their own sense of fashion and style.

Nowadays, couture field is crowded with clients of younger generation. Do you take it as consideration for designing couture?

No matter what industry or field you work in, you always need to be aware of who your clients are, their lifestyles and what they desire. We are lucky enough to count women of all ages amongst our clientele; our youngest client is just 6 months old!

If there´s someone living under a rock and therefore never heard of you, how would you like your aesthetic to be described?

Timeless, feminine and romantic.

One single word of hint about the next collection, if already there´s any?

Elegance ...

Last question, what usually accompanies your tea? Or perhaps you prefer coffee?

It’s coffee every time for me. I rarely have time to have anything else with it.

Signorfandi, six months old and already in Ralph & Russo? Capital WOW...