10 February 2014

(The case with Charlotte Licha is the same with Serkan Cura. I waited forever to get to her. She's really nice, tough, so I don't really care. And my curiousity kind of helped. But I guess this is the way to get an interview. I think I'm being prepared for something bigger, like John Galliano or Karl Lagerfeld - two people I want to interview the most. I heard people waited for 10 hours waiting for der Kaiser, who's already few meters away from them.)

It was mentioned that it's a whole package show. The venue, the clothes (Lebanese does best in creating a la princess look, if I may say), and the flowery smell. But nothing beats Charlotte Licha's latest couture collection more than the woman behind all those. Tall towering with an enchanting face, movement full of grace and serenity, and the silk soft voice. The only Lebanese female designer in couture filed shared with me the challenge of insinuating and introducing her work in  the City of Light.

How do you describe the aesthetic of your design? 
My dresses are very romantic, close to my personality. I like women to be comfortable in my dresses that i want to see that my dresses melted with their body, like they are one piece, that's the target, to make women love what she sees n the mirror, so it would be perfect on her, on the women that chose it. It belongs to women.

How long did the process take from the scratch until it's done?

Approximately three-four months.

That's quite fast. Was it hard for you to enter Paris?

It's very, it's difficult, yes. It's a challenge for me to make it, and I did make it.

What's the most challenging part?

The first, that I am the first Lebanese, Arabian woman who did a show in Paris. It's a challenge for me. And the challenge that I am doing my show between all the names that have been doing since years and years. It's a big honour, but yes, it's a big challenge.

But you already have Lebanese names making some sort of path for you, like Elie Saab.

Yes, he's an icon, Elie Saab for me. And I love his work a lot, and so do many people.

What's the last thing that you ate?
Well, my breakfast? I actually ate sandwich with cheese and turkey, because I needed to eat. I also took orange juice with a cake, that's it. What else? Ahh,.. and Nutella. A few spoons of Nutella.

Thank you!

(Then we continued a little snippy snappy to make profile picture.)

You're really pretty. Were you modelling before?

No, I'm tall. Just tall. (Laugh)

Oh she's just being modest.

Signorfandi, Nutella fan and looking immaculate like that?