18 January 2014

Oh. Hedi Slimane, the man who revolutionised the entire menswear. Men wanted to get skinnier as ever since he launched his collection for Dior Homme (including Karl Lagerfeld, who lost 42 kg in 2001 to be able "to wear clothes designed by Hedi Slimane").

His style of fabulous masculine (does it blend well, those two words?), grown-up bad boy-ish (who still keep their hair long yet sexy), and no angst of bright bling bling colours of pink, gold, and purple, remains his signature since the very early time in Dior Homme. And yet, he keeps continuing the rock star style on runway for Saint Laurent. The smell of grunge is so strong it's inevitable in every look. It contains darkness, glamour, and most importantly, as the nature of the man himself, mystery. Whatever reason behind the move of Saint Laurent atelier from Paris to LA, or renaming the brand by erasing the Yves, his appeal lives in every thread of his clothes without much change, from one major fashion house to another. And it made a huge success. Is it because of his tendency to controversy? I am not sure, but perhaps I will never know for sure. Maybe because that's an evolution. No one can know for sure.

Signorfandi, Saint Slimane,...