20 January 2014

This is why for so many reasons I prefer presentation to a show for couture. In couture, when quality is beyond anything else, seeing every piece of a collection needs more than a microsecond as in runway. You can see the details thoroughly, the stitch, the cut, the embellishments, and so on. In presentation it's more possible to meet the designer. And plus, it's almost certain that there's flow. Alcohol flow, which you definitely need after running errands chasing shows. It has the cons as well, since you can not see the flow and the way it moves,

What I call as oases in the middle of an antique-looking room, Rami Al Ali resurrects the appeal of Ophelia, one of most renown characters created by Shakespeare, which was translated in a painting by John Everett Millais. The paintings remarkably captured the fragility of a tragic woman, and yet it contains some alluring sense of strength and beauty. And Rami Al Ali takes it even more, transforming the misery and madness into something delicate and enticing.

The fluidity, the intricacy, Al Ali shows that his collection is indeed from the spring/summer season. Bright colours in opposite with navy blue and black from the previous collection, he spoke to me that, the freshness and the shades of mint, lavender, rose, along with natural colour of wheat and coral, is the core. Hence, the choose of bias cut (a technique for which Lucien Lelong was famous), he assured that in couture, where "either you create something beautiful or an explosion", he's always challenged to execute the difficult technique (and presentation is no less challenging than a show, because perfection of the savoir-faire is a demand). And seeing from very close by a mere few inches, I can tell that he did it masterfully.

Signorfandi, stand-still beauty...