21 January 2014

It was all a proof of growth. Ylan Anoufa, who never separates art and fashion, the man who's doing everything on his own ("Everything is better when I do it by my self", he once quoted), including cleaning up the brand board behind the runway when I arrived at his show, has been growing so much. His collection this time, saturated by brightness and lightness, is the one I call 'street couture', an approachable, young, modern-looking couture. Besides, in this techno-savvy generation, couture is something completely different compared to a mere decade ago.Youth energy.

He's not the best in execution (nipple slip? Plus the fact that the invitation arrived a day after the show-A1 row, mind you), but I could see that he's having so much fun creating this. Leather and lace were mixed up in many simple sleek silhouettes, bicker jackets with quilted sleeves and details on the shoulders, and the most interesting one to complete the look, hand-sprayed heels which make the model look 'floating' on the white runway. It would be more fun if the models were smiling, with orange fluorescence geisha-styled lips on them. And yet, the energy of the clothes were already cheering up and that's what Maison Anoufa is all about, so is the man himself. Fun!

Signorfandi, fashion is fun!