27 February 2014

Bow, bow, bow. Alexis Mabille realises that little bow ties can give huge impact in a woman's beauty. Love is in details indeed.


Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /

Guests sitting noisily, waiting for the exits. Sitting on the corner, Mr. Didier Grumbach and his entourage, squints his eyes as the first exit comes out. Did I see a slight of smile? If so, I believe I know why.

This is the best epitome of fashion, that Alexis actually translates what's happening right now. Reflecting what and how women wear nowadays, with less effort but no less extravagance and nonchalant demure, Alexis punctuates how simplicity should be done; exquisite details in hidden places.

Suits with loose cut, shirts and skirts with asymetric proportions, and of course, the signature of the house: bow, apears in a fresh way. Nothing too skinny, which I find quite liberating. He did no wrong giving title of the collection Coup de Vent, which is translated as "breezy". I suppose it applies both literally and figuratively. The ease of movement is the point. Perfect blend of cashmere weaters and intricate lace, hoodie with tuxedo, or white poplin shirt tied around the waist, are executed so well. Poncho in tartan motifs paired with taffera skirts and minidresses. And avioding the trend (which I find a little disturbing) of sneakers, he points that even though there's freedom, it's quite a responsibilty of a designer to put a limit, and the choie of stiletto booties is what's right to do.

See? Fashion is about attitude, and not just go with the flow. Because sometimes, we never know where the flow goes. And Alexis knows it well.

Signorfandi, big smile on my face,...