25 February 2014

Tex Saverio made a shining path to his Indonesian designer peers, without even embracing the country's traditional culture.

A gold dress with armour texture, paired with curve-heeled pumps (which were all generated in last minutes - but he pulled it off), tiny laser cutouts on a little balck dress, sheer fabrics in textured ruffle skirts, structured bodice with voluminous bottom, gold zippers and studs combined with intricate laces and leather (okay, I'm lost now), Tex Saverio created a theatrical collection that gave a chill at the beginning of the fashion week.

It was not enough, it came yet complete with head pieces that had spikes in every direction possible. Created by another Indonesian designer Rinaldi Yunardi, the head peieces were analogously built with the gothic spirit of the dresses. The fiery red wool lasercut cape at the finale gonged the collection as if it were a wake up call from the amazement. Everyone was clapping hands. Even some photographers did.

"He really stands out. His creativity is crazy", said Anggun Cipta Sasmi right after the show. The Indonesian-born French singer, who wore Tex' dresses in her concert before, was unable to hide her excitement. Derived from his couture collection during Jakarta Fashion Week, Exoskeleton, Tex Saverio showed his usual dark dangerous collection which predominantly filled with black. Gold and black. Well, it's not predominantly. It was all gold and black.

What it seemed to be strongly touched by Rooney Mara's deep dark imagery in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, this official debut in Paris was showing a whole lot of his signature without any further exploration. Laser cuts were everywhere. The grandiose was as well. The decision to create misterious ambiance (and literally for the up high stage-styled runway), with the shimmering music and dim twilighty lighting, this was overall the image he's trying to establish: don't mess up with Tex Saverio Women. They are powerful.

Signorfandi, mystical...