6 March 2014

This is THE collection I'm always looking forward to in every Paris fashion week, the Basil Soda beauty.

"I am in heaven". That was my first line as I entered the Salon Marie Antoinette at Hôtel Saint James, Paris. It was what I had waited the whole week, as I got a cue that there would be the Basil Soda bridal (!).

I was not disappointed. With the aura of Basil Soda's signature; clear cut, simple silhouette with a luxurious flow, without forgetting to touch it with embroiery details and embellishments, this was the ultimate pret-a-porter lavishness.

So, what's new this time? A lot. First, there's little white dress with only one word can best describe it: PURITY. It's a knee-length dress with low cleveage, rounded shoulder. As the usual Basil SOda, the execution was perfect.

Second, there was embroidered LEATHER. Working on leather to look immaculate is already difficult, and just add putting embellishments on it, then it's even harder. But voila, mission accomplished. The tricky technique to put sequins and beadings was masterfully done.

A white dress with details on shoulders whose shape resembling green moss with a little purple shades and a slight of pink was so delicate. It also hapened with a floor-length pencil skirt with soft creamy pink colours. It looks so romantic, but also there's a little darkness.

The fairy tale came to end with two of the bridal looks, erected alone in the corner. Both were so incomparably beautiful it took me a full minute to really get it.

Well, it's just beautiful. That really was it.

Signorfandi, if I were a girl,...