2 June 2014

This collaboration could change the footwear industry forever.


Photo: Julien Fournié X FashionLab

The visionary couturier Julien Fournié, whose latest collection was made of incombustable materials, is collaborating pairing with FashionLab, designing this unique digital experience that allows the complete creation of a footwear collection while enabling the designer interaction with retailers and consumers.

FashionLab, Dassault Systèmes technology incubator for fashion designers, is launching a “3D Fashion Experience”,  showing how the latest discovery of printing accessible for designers, retailers, and clients. Together with Julien Fournié, FashionLab’s founding partner, FashionLab will present a 100% digitally designed capsule footwear collection for the first time. The collection, which will be part of Julian’s Fall/Winter collection being shown on the runway in July, is being revealed during a May 22nd event at the W Hollywood in Los Angeles.

FashionLab is at the crossroads of the fashion world and the 3D universe, marrying the expertise of engineers with the creative know-how of designers. The goal of the FashionLab is develop future 3D applications for fashion designers, retailers and consumers, and reveal a new concept for the future of fashion.

3D technique to create fashion items is not something novel. Iris van Herpen did it for her scarry over the top couture collection. But so far, what she created was conceptual, realising her imagination of water and smoke forms into solid materials, and therefore, not made in industrial scale (due to the difficulty to wear, to be honest. One reported that it took three people to put the skeleton dress to the model). What Julien Fournie did in this collaboration, is to broaden the access of 3D, benefiting not only his ideas and creativity, but also fulfilling the need of customers to bring what's in sketch into reality.

I imagine that this is like Neil Amstrong's footstep on the moon. Someday people be like, "Oh, we're going to beach party instead of garden afternoon soirée? I need shoe change! Let me print them first".

Signorfandi, groundbreaking....