8 July 2014

Love, flower, poetry. Those symbols of melancholia and romanticism are well caught by turkish couture house Dice Kayek.

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The cold basement of Palais de Tokyo and the dark room is then lighten up by a parade of flowers bud shaped coat, short dress, and coat in magnificent colours. I am not going to talk about how the fabric falls or how it flips. It's just like seeing a flower bud about to blossom. There's some kind of mystery in it. Remarkable technique of craftsmanship creating multi layered short skirt, or shaping layers not on top of each other but floating and tweaking it as a reminiscence of petals growing irregularly, looking for light, is just incredible. Perhaps it just punctuates that it's not the dress the main character:it's the woman. What those layers and those shape-manipulating silhouette try to embody is beauty of the creature wrapped by them.

This debut couture shows how promising they are, just like closed buds waiting to bloom.

Signorfandi, bold...