17 June 2014

A Givenchy ad campaign that doesn't quite represent the respective collection, but very very Givenchy.

Photo: Mert & Marcus. Source: 3MModel's FB Page

Starred by Jamie Bouchert and Mariacarla Boscono, as well as famous kid Peter Brant II, the image, which initially looks too crowded, trying to portray the darkness beauty of Riccardo Tisci's collections, is very Givenchy because of few reasons. As Givenchy has methamorphosed through the ages, the state of persona that Givenchy offers is some sort of saying; "I'm mysterious don't touch me", is very well delivered. The dark nature colours of black and fifty shades of brown, with a little bit of green velvet (where Jamie in a lingerie sitting on, so contarst with fur clad around), there is a sudden shock of red leather, worn by Alessio Pozzi, a model from 3MModels (whose director is my fellow model/photographer/fine-looking specimen Americo Cacciapuoti). One tone of each outfit was typical Givenchy in the past, and even though texture was not quite a thing back then, Riccardo successfully revitalises the brand and creates richer touch, by putting colour-blocking in everyting, even in couture. Add Mert & Marcus to the ads recipe, and the result? Appealing.

I don't know if people would really buy the Fall 2014 RTW collection solely based on this advertising, but as I see it, although not fully representing the soul of the collection(butterfly/moth-inspired, meticulous suits, floating sheer dresses), it is more a form of establishing the brand by putting great clothes on famous great looking people. A long lasting ad, I call it. Use it in another time of the year an it's still relevant.

Oh and I forgot to mention that a Kardashian Jenner is also there. Kendall Jenner. There, on the bottom left corner.

You can't recognise her? Me neither.

Signorfandi, oh the world of advertising,...