10 July 2014

Oscar Carvallo wants to save our souls with bullets, or time travel.

It is interesting to see how he's developing season after season. Once he took metallic ribbon and sheels from deep sea creatures and created magic, one other time he played with movements in multi-coloured fluid plastic and metals. This time, from natural earthy brick orange  to  silverstone and metallic blue, or romantic juxtaposition of leather and tulle, he once more proves that the only way to improve is to move forward, to keep experimenting and evolving but yet to remain staying out of box. Since when can human heart - no, not the one you often see in a chocolate box, but heart with aorta, atrium, and ventricle -  be so chic?

Inspired by the works of fellow Venezuelan artist Pancho Quilicy, who's known for fantastic vision of impossible architecture,   Oscar's creations are indeed resembling the imagery of  oneiric cities are described through a delirious geometry, and within them are combined instruments of astronomy and anatomy, archaeological visions and futuristic technology.

He removed eagle's claw on a headpiece from last season by 8mm Mauser bullets, phosphorescent strips and  heart-shaped embroidery precisely placed on chest, but with all those quircky extras, it can't hide the feminine silhouette of floor lenght A-shaped gowns and cream/metallic blue peplum cocktail dress.

With such too rich an idea, it seems like one bride is not enough, and it starts becoming his lucky charm: the guests went wild. First it was white bustier paired with baloon skirt, immaculately embellished with star-shaped embroidery. Fitted White jumpsuit, with skirt made to picture wormhole to travel through time as concepted by Einstein and scientists alike, became the final look, not only for his show, but also for the couture week.

One big hit, proving anything is allowed in couture.

And the following pcture of the bride represents what I'm feeling right now.

Signorfandi, yasss!