10 July 2014

Ralph and Russo Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014/15 Bride, Hanaa ben Abdesslem, is the bride of the season.

She moved graciously, carrying a gargantuan off-white silk tulle bridal gown with 2,200 hours handwork of crystal, flower oyster, and pearl embellishment and metallic printed lace underskirt, with six metres of tail. It's so big it needed four women for exactly twenty seconds just for staging it before the exit (and that's why the following picture is dark, because as aformentioned in my previous post, the lighting kept changing depends on the looks).

What I was worried about was, how would she turn around with such a wide gown on?

It took FIVE men helping her with the train only. It was majorly splendid!

The LancĂ´me ambassador Hanaa ben Abdesslem, shared backstage that she was nervous, but successfully brought the gown in its best look. For her second walk on couture runway (previously on Gaultier Couture), she did it very well.

Photo by Irene Perelli for

 Photo by Irene Perelli for

Photo by Irene Perelli for 

Signorfandi, PERFECTION!