23 September 2014


Paris Fashion Week kicked in today, and the first thing to notice from the people coming to the city is that the expectation is really high (especially after flat London and disappointing Milan -only Burberry and Prada stand out, respectively). And even on the first day, I can say that Paris has lots to offer.

Starting with Corrie Nielsen, with her second official show on the calendar of Paris fashion week.

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It takes a lot of courage to transform, to leave the comfort zone, or simply, to be free. And when the movement of freedom the 60s, the rapid change that happened as the effect of after-war euphoria lived on, a huge shift happened. Women wore what they wanted, and society was okay with it. Elegance found its new phase, and the process of transformation from stiffness to ease began.

It's hard to comprehend such a huge idea in just 18 looks, but when I see the collection, amid the repetition is some elements, it is understandable where Ms. Nielsen stands.

What's interesting about the collection is, that finally someone plays with cuts. Probably it's just me, but I feel like fashion has been moving to Boringville. You know, these days people put blings on things and they call it couture. They call undone (or disguise it as cut-outs) as the form of modernity and simplicity as the new chapter of fashion, but then, fashion lost its gig. Where is the  complexity? Where is the challenge? Where is the ART?

Many aspects of this collection, the shape, the shades, the cuts, the silhouettes, how folds appear as bodyshape manipulation, it is what fashion world needs. A strong but romantic senses is all over in every pieces, from beige duchess satin, pale yellow silks, and tight shorts with violin F-hole shaped pockets.

Fashion is beyond functionality. For example, look at the swirling loop dress. Would you see it on daily basic street? Of course not, and I believe it's not the most practical dress to hop into, and yet it is what is so enticing, that it differs one from the masses. Something unique, something different, something daring. And after all, isn't all the movement and shift in society all about?

Signorfandi, a british in Paris. This combo never fails..