23 October 2014

Designers always enter the 'free world of ideas' before they create something. They read, they listen, they see, they travel, they feel. Karl Lagerfeld says in an interview that his inspiration comes from Zillion sources. Indeed, the possibility of a creation resembling someone's work is inevitable.

So, where is the boundary between 'innovation' and 'copycat', or a 'breakthrough' and 'lazyness'?

I recently stumbled upon an article by newly-launched CNN Indonesia (Congratulations, by the way) about an Indonesian designer Didi Budiardjo, titled 'Criterion'. 12 looks are presented, as the part of BAZAAR Fashion Festival in Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia. Inspired by twelve sisters who used to dress and put make up together, then travel together, this collection, as described by the designer, is 'a fashion journey to define trends in the following years'.

 Photo courtesy CNN Indonesia/Herman Setiyadi

A gold bustier with fluffy feather skirt, floral dress with long tail, electric blue and colourful graphic coats, and over the elbow leather gloves, all paired with Nike trainers adorned with sequin embellishments, this collection is far from the description of easy travel. The use of traditional Indonesian fabrics are very well executed, and the clothes are very refined.

What bothers me is the accessories. The first time I saw the collection, déjà-vu of seeing the 'Black Shades' designed by fellow Indonesian designer Rinaldy Yunardi happens. See below and I will tell you more.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Above is Linda Farrow Geometric 'Ski Mask' inspired style sunglasses named KTZ 9. Known for over the top designs, Linda Farrow has reated many sunglasses worn by Lady Gaga and lots of others. They also collaborated with many designers for their lines. Remember this American Map Sunglasses by Jeremy Scott?

Mr. Yunardi says in a response, Mr. Budiardjo asked him to make accessories for this resort collection, and he did it. Mr.Yunardi didn't response immediately about the inspiration of the accessory.

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Signorfandi, WATCH OUT!