7 July 2015

Hello! This is my first time attending Alexandre Vauthier's show. I have been following his work for a quite some time now, and as far a I can tell, this is the designer to go to, if you want to look sexy but not too much, risqué in safe way, pretty much titillating, and still provoking, all wrapped up in sensual way.

So here's what I saw (sitting behind the superb Suzy Menkes, no less).

A party! Rah-rah Rock and Roll! Sex!

Those little words could sum up the collection of Alexadre Vauthier. For the first collection since he received the  "haute couture" appelation from Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture (which is not easily obtained. Every designer can not easily use this title in vain), Alexandre increased the level of glamour and sex appeal that he injected in each collection that made him famous.

Ein von Fandi Stürz (@signorfandi) gepostetes Foto am

Models with 'hot' clothes - parts of thigh, bandage dress, slit pants, fringes- swung with no less mischievous attitude. The key: confidence. Both the designer and the models knew exactly what they showed, that the strength of an outfit is not only owned by sheets of fabric, but also the nature and perspective. Fringes that move in rhythm playing, fur coat sweeping the floors was so luxe, bomber jacket and satin patterned with pink flamingo, or a piece of shocking pink skirt fused with a sexy asymmetrical tops, all wrapped by a confident expression and inviting eyes. Alligator-patterned embroidery, which was made with no less than 350.000 sequins and 90.000 crystals, all of which are gold-coloured, showing luxury that is not half-hearted.

This is the best representation of sexy dressing concept. Show me the body sufficiently to trigger wild fantasy.

Photo: Kim Weston Arnold /

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Signorfandi, Vauthier? FEROSH!