8 July 2015

Eerie, mysterious, and yet with a romanticy sweeping resonance. That sensation left in me from the latest collection of Julien Fournié, who celebrated his 40th birthday, with a show staged in Oratoir du Louvre, a church venue in the city center of Paris.

Inspired by the Mitford sisters, British socialite who had antique but different mindset, Julien Fourni left in me dig their romance side in his collection titled First Night. Recalling that on his previous collection that was so beetle-browed, the clothes this time were dominated by a tantamount spirit, with such colours as black, dark purple, green moss, and just for a strike effect, sometimes there was a glimmer of light fuchsia.

First exit was worn by Vietnamese model Kha My Van, the first runner-up in Vietnam's Next Top Model in season 3, in the form of a black coat with a combination of leather and trousers with a similar material, with accent of violet scarf. From the beginning, Julien's imagination in the dark dusk was indeed blatant. So many details inserted here and there, amongst the most attractive, lace with patter of a computer processor circuit that was so graphic and complicated. Voluminous silhouettes with V-neck and heavy materials such as leather and velvet, as well as the tuxedo and jumpsuit were so neatly constructed, and it seemed that the atendees agreed, giving a rare appaluse in the middle of the show.

Ein von Fandi Stürz (@signorfandi) gepostetes Video am

Large volumed ballgown inspired from "La Nuit Fantastique" by Marcel L'Herbier showed how darkness could also offer elegance that, though a bit odd, salient. It is not unusual that Julien Fournié using 3D-printing technology for the shoes worn by the models, but it seems, the sophistication of technology applied to the garment construction are not (yet) able to match traditional couture techniques.

Even darkness which overfilled his work was more to show how his work became more effulgent from season to season.

Runway photo Courtesy of Julien Fournié

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Signorfandi, caliginously captivating...