9 July 2015

It's the most poetic of all...

Fashion show. A show, a presentation of fashion. If in the past fashion shows involved model swaying full of energy, many are now parading models who walk straight without expression, and seem stiff.
In each of his show, Franck Sorbier always brings this lost energy to the surface. His stage is always filled with either a set of classic movie, or a large statue as if it were a part of a ceremony. This time, Franck Sorbier fashion show attendees were brought to an operatic ballet performance.
Located at Théâtre Hébertot, a four-storey theater in a location away from the frenetic Paris, Franck showed how a fashion show will give maximum imprssion in showing how the clothes he made move, swing, flowing, folded, oscillated. Almost all look were worn by ballerinas, swing and dancing beautifully on a stage with a lilting rhythm accompaniment of an instrument called Hang, a musical instrument created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer in Bern, Switzerland, which is a round-shaped metal plate that generates sweeping tones.
Inspired by the eternal snowy mountains like Mont Blanc, Fuji Yama, Kilimanjaro and Mont Vinson, Franck Sorbier journey was reflected in the collection, all of which were white, with a soft texture and lightnes. Titled The Winter Sleep Eternal Snow, like a movie poster works of Nuri Bilge Ceylan, this collection was melancholic, a little wistful as the atmosphere of each peak of snow season, but has an implied warmth underneath.
Franck also paid tribute to the prima ballerina Maia Plissetkaia, by inviting ballerina Laure Hecquet to bring a dance which lasted nearly three minutes (relatively long for one single look), which was special that her name was written on each invitation.
Every time I receive an invitation from Franck Sorbier, I know that I will be attending a show that has complete aspects: the beauty of the clothes he makes, magnificent sets, incredible music, and, a show, ... an experience.

Photo courtesy Franck Sorbier
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Signorfandi, fantastique!