13 July 2015

They showed you how to do it haute.

Watching the show of Ralph & Russo's latest collection for Fall/WInter 2015/16 was like reading a novel What is To Be Done? (Original version: Что делать?) by Nikolai Chernyshevsky. Telling a story of a character named Vera Pavlovna, someone who seeks freedom and emancipates herself against conservative pressure and filled with emotional dynamics, this collection contains a very good understanding of what fashionistas will apprehend about the concept of haute couture, so that the client conceives the structure and complicated techniques without compromising the aesthetics and beauty. This also becomes an important essence for the duo Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, how they as a 'newcomer' on the stage of Paris haute couture, offer something most important in designing clothing for women.

An ivory and knee-lenth silver dress, or a dress with Chantilly lace with cape which has become a signature of this fashion house, which is decorated with thousands of pearls and feather applique and glass, or a black satin jumpsuit, or a crepe palazzo pants with a crop top - nothing is too open here. A world where nudity is a perceived as a part of beauty, Ralph Russo uphold their values ​​and vision of elegance; covered, polite, pulchritudinous. Materials such as dark green velvet and fox fur were so plush it became an essential complimentary component for such oppulence.

This was one collection with a lot of complexity and facets. Full-embellished armour coat, a voluminous silk ball gown made of copper-colored zibeline was a reminiscence of the work of legendary couturier Charles James, silk organza dress navy royal blue with mink pompoms, as well as a row of charming outfits paired with shoes adorned with pendants and decorations were so delicately constructed.

And as the previous seasons, it is a necessity to close the show with a wedding dress that ignites admiration. An off white and silver Chantily lace bridal gown, with a veil made of tulle and embroidered with crystal of gold, silver, and pearls, which was all made by hand, it was so large it requireed four people to help the model to turn, became an explicit statement. Ralph & Russo told every woman what element they need in their closets: Elegance.

Runway images courtesy Ralph & Russo

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Signorfandi, Ralph Russo Rocks!