15 July 2015

Beauty often comes from a long and painful process. This time, Yiqing Yin, a couturier born in China but raised in Paris, transcribed the exhausting process of a snake sheding its skin - the skin stripped off the old and came up with new skin, young and tight, as her main inspiration. "I like the idea of ​​clothing that can remind us that there is something that does not exist", she wrote in shownote. And the young designer is able to demonstrate a process that is difficult to create something so beautiful.

Titled "Shed My Skin", a process of metamorphosis was translated chronologically. Predictably, many elements of snakes existed in this collection. Beginning with the white phase, where the dries of the skin phase was depicted with elements of bright and light-colored material. Lace snaking along the circumference of the chest, or bra on display clearly behind the folds of sky blue coat. A piece of snake skin dangling along a bright blue dress. Then, slowly, appearing dark colors shiny, bronze gold, and jet black, or a combination of both.

Ein von Fandi St├╝rz (@signorfandi) gepostetes Foto am

I could not imagine how such light of a collection could have a texture that was so rich. Obviously there was a lot of improvement and rationale behind this latest work. And like a snake metaphor she described, Yiqing Yin emerged with a gentle smile, successfully anesthetized the invitees to the complexity that was hidden in each of the scales and sheds she dropped.

Runway images courtesy of Yiqing Yin.

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