7 July 2015

Talking about preserving savoir faire...

Serkan Cura le jeu des dames or women's game, was a tickling title for his collection that focused on the use of tricky materials such as fur and feathers. A giant white fur coat was so thick worn in 35 degree celcius, that it reddened the cheeks of the model that struggled to pass narrow doors of the venue. Even more with a black coat, which was made with strands of long feather which looked like a thrilling fireworks explosion.

Excellent execution was seen throughout the exit. The most obvious, the use of models from various ethnicities became an important focus point of the texture and softness. The emergence of two male models (three, if Alex Wetter transgender model counts, dressed in a white fur round coat that is so heavy that looks like a fluffy snowball) with bulging muscles and testosterone made the audience excited, and with models wearing flat shoes, it completed the idea to make the clothes look so flowing and 'alive'. And seeing a cage-shaped dress with dark blue shade felt like a Gaultier deja vu, as in fact, Serkan Cura was one of the assistants there. Corset element with a woven bodice and Swarovski crystals as an accessory reinforced that impression, that Serkan Cura has learnt something from the Enfant Terible.

The choice to focus on the fur material was what made him one unique couturier. Executing the ancient technique of processing these materials and adding contemporary image is not easy. One thing that's missing was, the number of the exit was too few, recalling such great creativity. But Serkan Cura showed, as he was in collaboration with Victoria's Secret, that he easily conquered the challenge and always gave a surprise. He indeed never plays safe.
Photo by Shoji Fujii

Signorfandi, rolling like avalanche!