26 January 2016

Let's have a party in paradise!

Photo Courtesy Julien Fournié

If this collection was a song, Garota de Ipanema would be the most appropriate. Two musicians (Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim) were sitting on Ipanema beach in Rio when they saw a beautiful girl and wrote this song on serviette. The result? A historic melody, so festive, so colorful, and with a touch of fresh glamour.

Julien Fournié tried to explore an exotic beauty that is so colorful, as fresh as Tequila Sunrise and Piña Colada, and he reflected it in cocktail dresses and evening gowns which are rich in detail and therefore becomes feast for the eyes. Paired colors are unconventional (e.g. orange with purple mangosteen, dragon fruit red  with gold) in cocktail dresses and hot pants, and a cordon of evening gowns were transformed into a row of masterpiece in paradis exotique nuance.

A pair of high-waisted Gaucho pants was matched with guava green soft blouse. Two evening gowns were entirely covered with embroidered Sophie Hallette lace. The combined colours in the first layer hinted African tradition, while the second dress featuring a graphic decoration was inspired by fireworks. 3D embroidery and strong jacquard made not only a solid statement, it felt also contemporary.

Inspired by exotic blossoms in Asia, two-dimensional graphic motifs in their original color  were corroborated by complicated three-dimensional metal applique. Accessories are usually wrapped around the necks of the models, but here they were transformed into accessories attached to the dress.

Two dresses [one in black, other in starburst pink ] were a revolution, in which the construction of the dress was a circular cut. One piece of long cloth wrapped around the body and was incorporated with a row of buttons (172 for each dress), making it the most complex dress to be worn, as if it resembled circularly peeled orange. But that is the spirit of couture, where (un)dressing activity is a ritual, with full of patience and prudence, and of course, pride.

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