26 January 2016

Yiqing Yin was blooming.

Photo Courtesy Yiqing Yin

This was Yiqing Yin's first haute couture collection after she had been granted the appelation of haute couture by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, a French minister body that has right to award the title of haute couture (next thing you should take notice: that title is not to easily and loosely use). Collaborating with textile designer Coen Carstens and harness creator Lolo Chatenay, Yiqing Yin catered both the experimental part of haute couture and wearability. At least one-third of this collection, with its lightness and complexity in contruction: crosspiece of leathers, bondage of lanyard and silk strings left dangling, was a proposal of new ideas. Her fond on fur was also apparent: a fox fur jacket with sleeves made out of laser-cut scale-formed leather, or off-shoulder dress with fur worked inticately it looked like a flufy caterpillars.

The stupefaction was the finale, indeed, as beforehand she did what she does best: long silk drapped dresses. Created from a collaboration with light sculptor Bastien Carré, this black dress interwined with piano wire and tiny LED bulbs attached garnered both a round of applause and a boo (by attendees and photographers, respectively, for different reasons). Couture can be, again, different depending on your point of view, and a good designer knows how to play with it.

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