25 January 2016

Let's talk about serious shapes here.

Photos courtesy Dice Kayek

Woven tales - stories intertwined, was the title of duo Ece Ege and her sister Ayse, or their Dice Kayek Spring/Summer 2016. It was the story of a journey to a futuristic and architectural world  performed by girls from Victorian era.

Sacredly, cinematicly, with very clean pieces, the collection opened with a pink fondant coatdress with accentuated hips and tilted neck. A cordon of  tops with excellent tailoring looked 'heavy', but that's the hook. Ece constructed a piece of fabric so that it creates puffy silhouette without making it heavy and full, which then reminded me of the modernist ciaroscuro architecture of Zaha Hadid's work, which is pretty much futuristic and dynamic. She also admitted that a marine blue dress with rows of beadings on the chest as the most complicated to finish. But she did it very well.

Large coats gave a ceremonial and dramatic feeling of regalia, and the final exit in form of a white gown made of nearly 200 meters of lace gave a touch of classical baroque, which looked so different from the others, it became an interwoven story that covered the past and the future.

Here is the final walk from my seat.

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Signorfandi, ciaroscuro lover!