25 January 2016

Haute couture is a fairy tale. And Ralph & Russo is the best story teller there is.

 Photos: Andry Hardy (IG @andryhardy) for

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

There is one missing sentence in that Snow White, which is the answer of the glass that should read: "Anyone who's in Ralph & Russo" (maybe editing is done because it doesn't follow rhyme). My version of the except in this fairy tales is no exaggeration.

Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo presented real masterpiece of haute couture. The fairest, the finest, the first. No half-hearted in every inch, from glamorous pieces, dozens of layers of fabric, as well as thousands of sequins for each dress, making Ralph & Russo is the best in bringing each woman and turning them into princess. Rows of ball gowns, cocktail, evening, and wedding dress entirely represent elegance that is so mild, with high level of craftsmanship and impeccable precision. Pale blue silk organza tailleur with ostrich feather and sequin embroidery, pencil silhouette dress made also from silk organza, and hand-painted mist blue kimono, is an example of how haute couture should be done.

Dramatic silhouettes, like a powder pink strapeless dress and faille cape layered with contarst midnight blue lining, or flared coat made of silk faille with accents of white ribbons involving metal, crystal, pearls, feathers and ribbons vinyl, breathed out novel aesthetic, aligning aspects of a regalia and fresh modernity.

As tradition, a wedding dress for the final exit is an accumulation of all the hard work and wildest fantasy. An off-white dress with slit sleeves it was so humongous it needed the help of six seamstresses (instead of bodyguards in previous seasons) for Isabeli Fontana to turn in front of cameras. What an emotional touch, to witness that the dress-makers took part in showing their work on the runway.

Below is the final walk from my point of view.

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Signorfandi, standing ovation!